About EBI

Since 1966, our slogan “Our Goal is Your Success” tells it all. Equity Brokerage, Inc., has been assisting financial service professionals like you, by conveniently delivering solutions to help meet your clients’ insurance needs.

Years of Impaired Risk Underwriting experience allows us to provide solutions for your most difficult cases. Support for competitive needs include: low cost guaranteed protection, estate and business planning, niche product opportunities, and even updates on market trends that affect your business.

If you have yet to learn how supportive and convenient our firm can be, give us a call now. If, however, you are one of the thousands of professionals who are one of our trusted partners, we thank you and look forward to serving you and your clients again soon. The entire staff at EBI believe that even in this world of web sites and e-mail, “high-tech” does not have to mean an end to personalized service.

The bottom line, our goal to make you successful — whatever it takes.