Equity Brokerage (EBI) and Pinney Insurance have strengthened our partnership. Access the Pinney Insurance website for all of the tools and resources you need:

This partnership began nine years ago, allowing us to bring you the best choices for you and your clients, from companies and products to commissions. Now, we’re taking that affiliation to the next level, assuring you the very best in innovation, support, and technology.
– Laurie Prevette


As a result, your brokerage service now includes access to:

  • All the same products and carriers as before, PLUS MORE
  • Our staff underwriter, Mike Woods
  • A new marketing associate, Justin Mack, who will work with me to give you even more options with your carrier/product designs
  • Online case status
  • New technology tools

Plus, there’s no new appointment needed for your current carrier contracts.


You can still contact Laurie Prevette, or you can reach out to Pinney:

  • Click here to email Laurie, or call her at 704-375-0555 or 888-763-9701
  • Call us at 1-800-823-4852
  • Click here to email Justin Mack
  • Click here to get more contact info for Justin and his team, as well as helpful links for the app submission process

We look forward to working with you!